Nissan's "Bolt Gold" eBay Auction Raises $193,191

Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt

If Nissan was worried about the turnout for its recent GT-R Bolt Gold eBay auction, the amount the auction raised should quell all of those fears. At the end of the auction, which included the one-off ’Bolt Gold’ Nissan GT-R , a total of $193,191 was raised.

That’s an impressive haul if you ask us.

More importantly, all of the proceeds from the auction will be handed over to the Usain Bolt Foundation — a charitable organization founded by the Olympic star — in the hopes of providing educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in the athlete’s home country, Jamaica.

In addition to the Golden Godzilla, the auction also featured signed memorabilia from Bolt himself, including racing helmets, fire-proof suits, driving boots, and even t-shirts the man himself wore during a recent visit to Nissan’s test track in Japan.

As for the winning bidder of the Bolt Gold GT-R, it’s probably best to temper his excitement a little bit because the car won’t be delivered to his waiting arms until March 2013.


dave is right. in the U.S. there are 311 million people. if each one donates 1$ (some more, some less, but the average will be 1$) we can raise 311 million $. that is 1600 times more money. think of that smiley

alex, we can all take small actions ourselves. the change is in us, not in them!

if all car manufacturers took such actions, the world would be a little better.

almost 200.000$ for that car is almost double from what it’s worth! great job!

publicity move or not, they did it and other big car manufacturers didn’t. so nissan - 1 : 0 - other manufacturers.

as appreciable nissan’s move is, it is all a publicity move. a very good one and with a very positive outcome, but a publicity move nevertheless.

nissan also is to be applauded here. because they made the car and offered it for auction.

by associating himself to this car and by donating all those money, Bolt proves that he cares for the youth in his home country.

i support charity. and charity that aims to help less fortunate children is even better.

there will be lots of happy people: the buyer, for the one-of-a-kind car, and all of those kids receiving help from the Bolt Foundation.

yep, john is right. i am from europe and i waited for my skoda octavia for 3 months. and it was nothing so special about it.

even so. there are more regular cars you can order and still wait 3-4 months for them.

if i remember well, there were some things customizable according to the winner’s desire. so maybe that is why it takes them until march to make the car.

there’s 4 month left ’till march. that is not much!

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