Nissan Set To Unveil Murano Convertible

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If you thought the now dearly departed Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible was bad, wait till you see this. Many thought it to be just a hoax, but apparently Nissan is bringing a Murano two-door convertible to the Los Angeles Auto Show. That’s right, the crossover SUV is getting its roof chopped off.

Inside Line is reporting that the Murano Convertible will go on sale in the spring of 2011, just in time for warm weather and top down driving in your new convertible crossover.

Nissan is having a weird month. They hit it big with the Juke and now they are trying everything in the book of oddness. Vitamin C air vents, sofas for seats, , and now this, a Murano convertible aimed at people who want to feel the wind in their hair and still drive an SUV. This is a major risk and we aren’t too sure it’s going to work for them. Give them credit for thinking outside of the box though.

Source: Inside Line



i have no words except to say Nissan’s gunning for the Aztec.

There’s no way this is real. Not with the market like it is. this would require a ton of retooling, a lot of engineering development, and wouldn’t sell enough units to even scratch those costs. A hoax for sure.

I’m sorry to say but I really can’t imagine myself driving in a convertible crossover. The appearance of this car is not really appealing to my senses. And also, there’s nothing new to it.

The Nissan Frontier needs a new base engine, the Titan needs a substantial re freshening, yet they put together a pretend CUV convertible that won’t sell to soccer moms who need more than two doors, and won’t sell to teenage girls who’d prefer a Volkswagen New Beetle convertible anyway.

Obiously, there is a little devil at work here... You have to write after the http the english wikipedia backslash, then wiki backslash and then continue with file:1981 and so on...

Sorry, don’t know why there is this citation problem: Here’s the link to the AMC:

(At least it’s correct when I write it down here...)

Interesting; for my part, I don’t believe Nissan really will make this car, although there exists an ancestor made by AMC-Griffith in the 80’s:

And, not to forget, some offroads still are available as convertibles: Jeep, Mercedes G and last not least Suzuki Jimny...

But the picture obviously is computer made; and if Nissan will build this car, they could make a 2 doors Murano at the same time...

About the car itself I think its a very weird idea but I found something even more weird in the article about this nissan. Close to the end it says "people who want to feel the wind in their AIR" I know that they meant hair but wind in their air sounds very funny to me!!!

Great looks like a PT Cruiser

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