Nissan Titan Diesel coming to USA by 2009

Diesel cars are getting bigger on the USA too. All the makers have announced diesel versions of their models for the future. So did Nissan. They have announced a diesel powered version of the Titan pick-up for 2009.

The Nissan Titan will be powered by a V8 diesel engine. International Truck and Engine Corp., Navistar’s principal operating company and the exclusive supplier of diesel engines to Ford Motor Co.’s Super Duty pickups, will supply Nissan with the V-8 diesel engines, the Nikkan Kogyo said.


It features a 32 valve 5.6 L VK56DE V8 engine which generates 305 horsepower.

Not much of a view. No back cab doors either. Not alot of details on accessories/options.
V-8?, Nothing smaller? (V-6’s)

Oh dear...Ford can’t possibly be happy! Is this the reason why Navistar and Ford have all of a sudden been falling out and why Ford is looking to build its own diesel engine? Interesting times ahead.

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