No New “iDrive” for New BMW 3 Series

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No New “iDrive” for New BMW 3 Series

The word had been out that the freshened 3 Series from BMW, due in 2009, would be getting the updated and improved version of the iDrive system, the multifunction system that has maddened BMW owners in its previous incarnations, been copied by other manufacturers, and been a constant source of criticism by automotive journalists.

Various sources, including BMW Blog, had reported last week that the new version of iDrive, reportedly currently under testing, would be part of the new 3 Series.

But, BMW Blog now says that they were misinformed, or at least that they are now better informed. BMW sources have told BMW Blog that there’s zero chance if the new iDrive showing up in the facelifted 3 Series.

Instead, the new iDrive goes into the 5 Series.

So, all you’ve got to do if you want it is spend more money.

Source: BMW Blog


Sorry people but the Idrive is crap. Audi’s MMI is much better and cheaper, not to mention easier to operate.

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