Nordschleife 1927 24-hour timepiece

The Nurburgring , considered by man as one of the most grueling and demanding race tracks in the world, is turning 85 years old.

To mark this special occasion Nordschleife is releasing a commemorative, 1927 24-hour timepiece that pays homage to the legendary race track. The stainless-steel timepieces will be made available in either 1.4" or 1.7" cases dressed in either black or white. A unique characteristic of this watch is the 24-hour set-up that takes the place of the 12-hour configuration you’d find in most timepieces today.

The 24-hour configuration was done particularly to honor the 24 Hours of Nurburgring endurance race, regarded as the most famous race to be held in the iconic race track.

Pricing for the watch is pretty affordable, too. For the smaller version, you’re going to have to shell out a $110 while the larger version retails for $140.

Unlike some of the special edition timepieces that are being released these days, the Nordschleife 1927 24-hour timepiece sounds like a pretty good deal to us.


I think I’ll pass on this one. I just don’t want its style.

The 24-hour wall clock is much favorable than a wristwatch. I simply don’t like it at all.

I really don’t want it. I don’t understand why they made it that way.

24hr Analouge clock is unsuitable in my home, better to have a digital 24-hr clock.

Please don’t make it limited.

Military time is not a problem anymore. How many pieces of it will be out in the market?

Is this really supposed to look simple?

So I expect this to be more stylish, but it’s not. It seems to be made by an amateur.

The price has been stated anyway; it looks cheap because it literally is inexpensive. Furthermore, there are no other functions. It’s merely a wristwatch.

Why have they not seen that this is too simple? It would be more ideal if it looks elegant.

The price is cheap, but it doesn’t mean that its quality and look should be cheap too. It’s not appealing, even a bit.

I don’t even like its design because it looks cheap and plain, but I guess I’ll collect it anyway because of Nurburgring.

It isn’t like of a famous brand, to be honest. If they made it look simple, I wish that they did at least not make it appear cheap.

Ah, this one’s really simple; you’d not even think that it is a designer timepiece. For the celebration, I’d probably buy it.

It’s obvious why it isn’t that expensive; the design is so simple and minimalist. I probably won’t get it although it is a collectible as I don’t find it stylish at all.

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