North Carolina police to use Corvette Z06 as its new police interceptor

The next time you decide to drive around Wake County, N.C., we must warn you that if you get caught by the cops, chances are that you’ll have a tough time outrunning them.

The police department of Wake County has a new - and sneaky - speed limit enforcer – an unmarked black Chevrolet Corvette Z06 , which by the mere mention of the name should serve as a warning to those who decide to push their vehicles past the speed limit: it’s no fun being chased by a Corvette Z06. The PD’s new police interceptor was recently seized in a drug bust and being the vigilant purveyor’s of the law that they are, the police decided to turn the Corvette Z06 into its very own chase car.

According to Gary Buchanan, a Raleigh resident who owns a 2007 Corvette, he told The News & Observer that he recently saw Wake County officers last week cruising in the unmarked Z06 on I-40 in Cary. "It had blue lights in the back and blue lights in the front," he said. "It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Something like that is so extreme. I mean, if my wife was out driving and this thing came up behind her and the light’s started going off, man, she’d be scared to death."

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The idea of using a rather expensive sports car as an interceptor has drawn mixed reviews from some people, some of which, we presume, are bummed to find out that their cars have no chance against this Corvette in the event they get their hands caught in the cookie jar.

And if the Corvette in itself isn’t enough, the PD even upgraded the Z06, making it an even more formidable adversary against slapdash drivers.

So If we were you, we’d be extra careful in pushing the throttle in this town. Take our advice: you don’t want to be caught in a car chase with a Corvette Z06.


I somewhat envy other countries on having such real good police cars.

It can be a good idea when a cop has to cut time or has to chase someone, but what if the car that he is trying to catch fights back or he tries to bump that car to be able to get away, will they back off and let the cops in regular cars take care of it or will they allow the car to be trashed to be able to get to the criminal?

To give the car its due though, the mileage is not that bad. The IS-F makes sense because of the typical Americans infatuation with burnouts and drag racing.

Britain used to use EVOs and STIs, but they stopped ordering new ones because, as I said, they don’t lend themselves to carrying police equipment (mounting issues), and also their turbos are not well suited for long-distance chases. Britain now uses IS-Fs, and I think that we should do the same.

In britain police use evo’s and subaru’s

And the only AWD performance sedan available is the Audi S4, which is not nearly as fast as an IS-F nor very reliable.

I suppose an M3 could work, but like an Evo or STI, they don’t land themselves well to carrying police equipment, which is why nobody has ever used them.

True, the IS-F’s rear-drive layout wouldn’t give it great handling in wet conditions, but when’s the last time you heard of a high-speed chase in the rain anyway?

but idk why exactly the ISF either. Its still rear wheel drive so you wouldnt get the best handling around tight turns like an AWD. Thats where a gtr would come in handy.

because imports beat american cars any day and nothing handles like a lexus. Nissan is my fav. manufacturer and i will still root for any import over domestic. toyota proves reliability year after year. A GTR would be nasty though if you didnt have to deal with only 2 doors

yeah but why the isf from other performance sedans such as the american CTS-V

good point. IS-F’s are very nice and will make it around the streets without breaking down or costing the state millions in gas

The reason I said that they should use an IS-F is because it’s almost as fast as the Z06 but handles better, is cheaper, more reliable, will cost less to fuel/maintain and has four doors so that cops can actually transport the criminals after catching them. With a two-door, a second car will be needed for transportation, which does nothing but waste my tax dollars.

well, if the criminal wants to challenge the cop to a drag race, then ok, but still not great. IS F would be a step up but use a GTR and all problems are solved

Probably because an IS-F can take corners and doesn’t have a loud mouth $hithead image.

why would they need IS-Fs

well they didnt really have a choice here but if they did why the Is-F

They need IS-Fs instead.

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