Not the Prettiest Car You Are Ever Likely to See

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Anyone who loves his/her old car can almost sympathize with what this owner was trying to do. We all have got a tendency to give an aging car a new life by adding a decal, a new paint job, or even after-market parts like spoilers and scooped hoods. However, the owner of this wretched car likely had something else on his mind.

We don’t understand what he was trying to do, however exactly like us, he shouldn’t have been very pleased with the outcome. The car has been cloaked with the grisly paint and excess fat to such a degree that it’s unidentifiable and terribly frightening. If you have a name for this car, let us know by logging it in the comments section.

P.S: Viewer discretion is recommended while viewing the gallery.

Source: VW Vortex



nasty I’m pretty sure no girls will try to ride that.

Now this is a definitely head turner car. Although I don’t think that it would produce the same reaction as when people would see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

looks like a wax car that parked under the sun, you can’t even recognize what kind of car it is.

Well he will surely get some head turners with it only its not because of awe or attraction. If ever I would get stuck in a dessert and this car will come rescue me, I’d get on alright, but please let me off at least a mile before the city or the crowd.

what the hell is this. nice effort dude, you should include your car to the next car show. for sure visitors and guess will amaze with your creativity.

if this car was a woman it would give me erectile dysfunction.

How about calling this the Crayola Melt? YUK!

only fit for the crusher

that car was located at Bali island, right?

how bout "creepy"?

What the hell is that crap???

Dude!That was funny! But there are some weird chicks around with weirder tastes.

A car like this should have a name that reflects its owner. How about "No Girlfriend"

i would recomend:
a. the box
b. the DragonEye
c. the greyball
d. the uglet
e. the unconva

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