Office-K Adds Some Visual Upgrades to the Ferrari F12berlinetta

Generally we do not agree with upgrading the look of a Ferrari model, and even less when it comes to the likes of the F12berlinetta . However, the past few weeks have brought us quite an impressive amount of upgrade packages for the Italian supercar, as the latest one was announced just the other days by DMC Tuning .

Today we have an offering from the Japanese tuner, Office-K, that updates the look of the F12berlinetta with a subtle exterior kit. The updates start with a new set of Forgiato F2.14 wheels sized 21 inches up front and 22 inches at the rear. The wheels are finished in a very cool gloss black combined with red and carbon-fiber accents.

The new wheels seem to fit perfectly with the new carbon-fiber wrap offered by the tuner. It covers all the plastic sections of the car, including the front air intakes, the rear diffuser and the air intakes.

Unfortunately, Office-K offers you no updates under the hood, so you’ll have to stick with the standard 729 horsepower V12 engine. But who’s complaining, right?


I think those starry wheels only have a decorative meaning, not others..

Those wheels remind me on pentagrams ..Only think about their meaning..

The red version of this Ferrari is closer to the platonical idea of this brand smiley

This one seems to be such an exotic car..

Woow, such qualitative components!I would like to know what the price would be?

Snowcastle, I think it’s cost get over 2000 $.But if you can afford F12, you must be able to get this extra candies, as well smiley

So much carbon-fiber..I’m wonder how much does such a kit might cost

Imagine testing this beauty!It’s quite powerful, beautiful, stylish...what can you ask for more?

Yeah, I will always associate red with Ferrari, with a big amount of good taste and quality!

I’m in love with the red one.I think red is the Ferrari color, forever!It’s like, they have invented it

Ok, those wheels really took my breath away!It has a great design!Such differences should always occure to any great car, I think

I totally love it’s name :’berlinetta’.It couldn’t get more italian , ha haah.And all these new components are really great!

Who cares about the looks when the car gets even better?Maybe the engine could get more powerful, but who cares..

I don’t agree as well with this kind of diferences , but looking at he brand new kit, I’m impressed

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