Official: Scirocco not coming to North America

Official: Scirocco not coming to North America

Shed a tear, Autoblog got official confirmation that the Volkswagen Scirocco will not be coming to the U.S. While unofficially we have known this for a while, VW is confirming that the Scirocco would jeopardize sales of the less expensive GTI in the North America. Maybe someday the U.S. will learn to love hot hatches.

Source: Autoblog


I think it’s VW’s own fault. The should have not made the Scirocco and GTI so similar. Keep the GTI as a sporty-looking Golf, and the Scirocco as the high-performance one. Maybe that way, it wouldn’t "jeapardize" sales of the Golf. VW, like BMW, are building too many variations of the same car. That’s cannabalism! Remember GM North America?

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