One-of-five Ferrari 550 GTZ Zagatos for sale

One of the rarest Ferraris on the face of the planet is up for sale, and those interested in buying it will have to fork over all of their appendages for the chance to bring home this ultra-exclusive Prancing Horse roadster.

The car is theFerrari 550 GTZ Zagato , one of only five cars to have ever been made and, in the case of this particular model, it’s the only model to have been made as a right hand drive. Based on the Ferrari 550 Barchetta , the car was given a full bodykit courtesy of Zagato and comes with a sticker price of – wait for it - £1 million. Yep, that’s around $1.5 million by current exchange rates.

So, in the remote chance that you’re interested in buying this five-of-a-kind automotive jewel, check out this video of the 550 GTZ Zagato being given a full walk-around, just enough to entice anyone with finances to make such a purchase.

Source: You Tube


Woah! The idea of selling only 5 cars is remarkable, if they’ve done this on an auction type then I’m sure Ferrari would make a lot of money.

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