One-off Rolls Royce Centurion found abandoned along Russian train tracks

We wish we could come out with a reasonable explanation as to what this special-edition Rolls Royce Centurion - it’s the exact same one, actually - is doing sitting on a railway sidewalk. Unfortunately, we have neither explanations nor justifications; only speculations that this car may have been left out to dry by it’s owner - a Russian of some sort, we heard.

The car is actually a Rolls Royce Phantom that has been fully modded with an exclusive Centurion bodykit, upping its value to somewhere in the neighborhood of $450,000. That’s a lot for a car that’s now collecting snow and counts worn out tires and chopped wood among its companions.

From what we’ve also heard, this seemingly abandoned Rolls was once the property of a celebrity from Las Vegas, who then sold the car to a Russian buyer a few years ago, only to end up at the most unlikeliest of places. Poor Rolls, indeed.


There are too many speculations going in my head about this. I feel bad saying this to a supposedly “abandoned” thing, but it oddly looks beautiful with that surrounding.

I’d be able to find it a home in my driveway , just don’t think I’d wanna drive it to much.

That is one of the most unfortunate events that happened. I feel sorry for the Rolls Royce.

My suspicion is whoever owned it probably reported it stolen and took the insurance payment... Or maybe it really was stolen...

hahah i guess he’s carrying a bottle of Vodka when driving.. but good thing he didn’t reach the rail way.

Being Russia, it was probably driven there in the snow by a drunk owner and got stuck.

Hmm, maybe this was a stolen car just like the other guy says before.

That was scary, I think the owner was murdered and abandoned that rolls royce or maybe the engine was broken, so that’s why the owner left it behind.

Oh that ! I think he begun to hate his car. Well, I hope he will sell it instead of abandoning it on the snowy railway.

oh what the hell, maybe the owner is already had enough with it, or maybe it was car-napped and abandoned the car to escape.

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