Only in Russia... Tow truck cannot lift a PT cruiser!

In Russia everything is possible! For proof, look at this massive tow truck, flipped over while trying to lift a Chrysler PT Cruiser!

We don’t know if the PT Cruiser had some James Bond anti-theft device, squid suction tires or simply if the truck was made of plywood but the PT did not want to leave its parking spot.

Unfortunately the tow truck, in a last stand, still manage to do some damages...

The Score is: PT Cruiser 1, Tow truck 1.. it’s a draw !


If I were the parents of the dude riding with him, I’d definitely sue him. What in the world is it with kids these days? Is it Hogan’s fault perhaps that he did not teach the kid proper responsibilities about driving and racing?

Lol. Now that was funny. Anyways, if I’d be stuck in the outskirts of Russia, I will never get the towing services of this company. I mean I don’t want any of my cars with damage when it gets to it’s destination.

moscow man
А почему тогда там люди лучше живут, если "дебилы"? Выходит наоборот! )

This is definitely NOT a USA license plate..

В амарике дебилов побольше будет!!!

Operator error. you can see the outrigger is not extended sideways to stabilize the truck

Да, у нас такое бывает! =)

^^ haha, i was thinking the same thing!

PT crusier in Russia...?
I think this is in united states...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hilarious, good one man!

Too bad they weren’t next to a RIVER!

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