Opel Astra GSI to be revealed at the Paris Auto Show

Opel will bring back the GSI name in October at the 2010 Paris Auto Show where they will unveil a new top version for the very successful Astra. The GSI package will only be available for the 5-door version.

The car’s main competitor will be the Volkswagen Golf GTI which features a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine producing 200hp and 207lb.-ft. of torque. The Astra GSI will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine also developing a total of 200 hp leaving the consumer to base their purchase mostly on aesthetics.

The Opel GSI version will be distinguished by a re-styled front bumper, new wheel arches, a small rear diffuser, and double exhaust pipes. The interior will get two-tone leather and Recaro sport bucket seats. Are you bored yet? We are. Why don’t we just make a call and try to have it become the next Buick . We can finish it off by adding a power chair carrier and be on our way.

Oh, we forgot to mention, Opel will also be unveiling the station wagon version for the new generation Astra at the Paris Auto Show. Yawn.

Source: AMS


Opel should also create an RS version of this just to compete with Focus RS and and an AWD.

Looks the more like the old model of mazda3 that has more power and horses engine.

Well, I must admit that it is a good looking car but competing with Golf GTI? well for sure many will choose the GTi.

It looks great but it can’t be compare with those 3 hatches.

Pretty neat and decent hatchback and it can compete with Subaru Impreza, MazdaSpeed3, and FOrd Focus RS.

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