Opel Corsa coming to USA

Source: Autoweek

General Motors has announced that the next Opel Corsa will be sold in USA. Bob Lutz, said in an interview at Paris Motor Show that the small car "will very definitely go to the United States".

The new redesigned Corsa has just been introduced in Europe, so USA will have to wait arround 5 years before the next-generation Corsa enters showrooms. GM is planning to make arround 80000-100000 units annually.

"The U.S. market has undergone a huge change," explained Lutz, who has championed the sale of Opel-designed vehicles in the United States.


Anyone who remember driving the Manta, Sedan, or Wagon fromn the last importation should be hot to drive one of these cars (The Corsa).

The older ones were some of the best driving, best engineered autos to come down the Autobahn to the US.

Braking and handling were superb. If the cam had been overhead instead of in-head - they would have trounced the 510 Datsuns in SCCA. The rice burners just had more on the straights and big money drivers.

The Manta was sweet..........

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