Opel Insignia - first interior shots

GM today unveiled the first shots of Insignia ’s interior, to be more precise we are talking about the UK version of the Insignia.

The dashboard wraps around from the instrument panel to the door in a very sophisticated way, embracing the occupants. This wing theme will be echoed across all Opels. Red ambient lighting, which also will be featured in future Opel models, vibrate a warm, luxurious aura. A lot of emphasis too has been put into the seating, which set the highest standards in ergonomics, comfort and safety.

The 2009 Insignia will make its world debut in July at the London Motor Show and will go on sale in November.


if i’m going to test drive that car i think i’ll need about 5 to 10 minutes to start it:d

so many buttons? are u talking about an acne stricken teenager???

WOW, look at that dashboard, so many buttons, so many options. it looks fantastic!!

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