Opel will bring new Calibra in 2013

There’s been talks about the next Opel Calibra debuting for quite some time now. The vehicle has been dead since 1997 and the chances for it’s revival were as well until a few years ago. Now, the mid-size coupe will be making a little of a comeback when the Calibra gets put back on the market in 2013.

The new Opel Calibra will take its design inspiration from the GTC Concept . In fact, the New Calibra will be nothing more than a two-door Insignia , but Opel needs it if they want to create a bigger name for themselves. Unfortunately, they will have to build about 30,000 unit a year before the program is even profitable.

A GM Europe HQ source told CAR: "We would feel a lot more confident about some of these projects if Buick, Chevrolet in North and South America and Saab were sharing volumes and risk."

The new Calibra will compete with cars like the Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Laguna Coupe . Under the hood of the new model Opel we will most likely see a wide range of engines, both gasoline and diesel from 130 hp to 250 hp.

Source: CAR


Concept wise? Not really my taste but I guess it will improve on the next years.

Lovely looking sedan! Very well suited to the needs of young drivers like me. The only thing missing here is that the Front Lip and diffuser, side skirts, rear wing and of course rear diffuser.

If Buick is really serious about gaining a younger, more affluent customer base, continuing the Opel relationship (especially gaining a performance/luxury coupe ala Calibra) is crucial.

Typical GM maximum craptastic interior, but the rest of the car is a futile bring-it-to-market fairly decent concept.

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