Pagani releases mini documentary of Zonda R's Nurburgring record

The Pagani Zonda R ’s record-breaking run at the Nurburgring may have been a cake walk for some people considering the car broke the newly-set record by the Ferrari FXX by over 11 seconds.

But ask the people responsible behind the record-setting run and they’ll be the first to tell you that the accomplishment was reached because of hours and hours of tireless research, hard work, and dedication.

In this mini-documentary, the Italian sports car manufacturer takes us through, in detail, what happened behind the scenes in the development of the Zonda R. We may see the flash and pizazz with these record-setting runs, but there are also aspects of these cars we don’t see – research, development, and testing – that play a more important role than any of us can imagine.

In the end, after all that painstaking labor, the result certainly speaks for itself. And according to Horacio Pagani, the founder of the Italian auto brand, "The laptime of 6:47 that we have obtained with reasonable ease here at the Nürburgring is a confirmation of the skilled work behind every Pagani vehicle."

No words have ever been wiser.


That is such a rewarding presentation! I would definitely love to watch the film on how fast Pagani is. And why did it deserves to be impressive.

I was thinking if this car could replace the Bugatti as the fastest car in the world.
I think that record is quite impressive. BTW, I just wonder if that record has already been beaten?

Well, is there other thing that we can say about this supercar? Well, it has an amazing performance and I bet its hard to beat this record.

Well, i have the video And I would say that the team behind the Zonda are really dedicated and hard worker! And see the output is really worth it!Cheers for you guys!

I have heard that people call Pagani as a newbie in the sports car world. Well, I bet on this time that they have made an extreme lap time record, no one will call this car newbie anymore.

I do believe that Pagani was made because of the dedication and hard work of its team creative. And setting a lap time in the Nurburgring was a great achievement!Nice job!

Certainly, Pagani is a newbies in the sports car world. However, I never treated this car a new boy. I think due to its powerful engine it really gains respect on the car industry. 

Definitely! And its a good thing that Nurburgring gives every car an opportunity to prove their reliability in the form of making such impressive speed record. For sure that Pagani wouldn’t be treated as a newbies anymore.

That record is quite impressive! As we all know, super cars like Bugatti, McLaren and Lambo, has already proven their name . And Pagani seems like a new boy but with its outstanding performance it already proven why he has the right to be a competitor of those super cars that have been said earlier.

I understand that a Pagani Zonda F will outperform my Mazda6

I like the idea of using the Google map for the intro of the documentary..nice one..smiley

I agree - It saddens me that I will probably never have enough money to enjoy this fine ’hypercar’ or others like it, but that bit about the guy installing one in his living room just adds insult to injury.

With respects to Pagani, they really need to stop comparing everything they do with Ferrari and Lamborghini... the comparison is out of place and unrelated.

Pagani has always been about 12 cylinder motors. The brand lost it’s way and now has become like any other car company out there. Because even though I can’t afford a Ferrari, Lambourghini, Aston Martin, an Audi R8, a Pagani and I probably never will, I care that these car companies keep to the same script as written in my Teenage Fantasy land.

One of the first Zonda Rs to be delivered will be installed in the customer’s living room and will be fitted with a bespoke stereo system that will play the R’s swan song as it rips around the Nurburgring and Le Mans.

I hope they continue to one-up each other until they can get down to group C times, and beyond. I’m not too fussed about the road legality. Long way to go to 6.11, but it’s been done before.

11seconds ahead!, wow how fast is this Pagani anyway.

incredible engine sound, more impressive than the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. with its weight and power.. proper aero kits are needed to fit perfectly to make this baby more stable and can grip on the ground well.

Having been lucky enough to see one in person, I think that if anything it looks more amazing with all the bodywork off rather than on. All the detailing around the engine and suspension is incredible. Zonda remembers what the low-volume British sports-car industry seems
to have forgotten: You can make the most dynamically excellent car in the world but it’s the details that make them stand out, give them soul, and ultimately part people with their cash.

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