Pagani Zonda R up for auction

For those of you that will be cruising around in London on October 27th with about an estimated $2.2 million of extra cash in your pocket, boy do we have a deal for you! One of the 15 - chassis number five, to be precise - Pagani Zonda R models are up for auction during RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London event at Battersea Evolution.

This incredible automobile is powered by a V12 AMG sourced engine producing 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 524 lb. ft. of torque. This calculation is about 100hp faster than the Zonda F ! It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 233 mph. With a time of six minutes and 47 seconds on the Nurburgring, this supercar beat out the time of six minutes and 58 seconds achieved by the Ferrari 599XX ! It may look like every other Zonda out there, but the R version only uses about ten percent of the Zonda F’s components. Bringing originality to the table are the car’s new suspension forged in Avional (aluminium alloy), a new Pagani six-speed transversal sequential gearbox, and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.


The Zonda, in my amateur opinion, is the finest car made in the world. More exotic, more beautiful, more authentic, and more "just plain bad ass" than any other car in the world.

@aPACKofWEASELS: Zonda needs a change. maybe not an esthetic change, but at least an engine change. since it was born, the Zonda still has that lump of a v8, 7.3l (wasn’t that a v 12?) which i think it is like an American muscle car...big but not so powerful. i mean it has 600+ bhp. it started at 605 or something and in its last reincarnation it had ..612?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. but i know it didn’t touched 620. now, comparing this to other super cars (Ferrari, Lambo, etc) which all have a 6.0 or 6.5L engine, (v12s of course) but they all have above 630 bhp..or at least 630. this is why i think the Zonda should get at least an engine upgrade. it is over 7 liters, and it doesn’t even have 650 bhp... never mind 700.

i would be happy if it get the SL AMG Black’s engine, but tuned to at least 680 bhp. oh, almost forgot.. way too expensive. i would choose without any hesitation, a v-spec GT-R, or the ZR-1 ...or a Lambo, even if this Zonda will be faster. and of course it’s not as practical as GT-R or the ZR-1, hell maybe not even as a Lambo.

I agree with Tommi Mcrae, Clarkson got entertainment skills too.

I’m kinda scared for the new model. In testing they found the chassis can’t handle 700hp. ty designing there as the Zonda can. How they designed a worse chassis second time around I don’t know. It seems to look uglier to. Definitely not worth the extra $500,000 it will cost over a Zonda F.

And Tiff is FAR better than Clarkson. Clarkson is a fat, biased with a detachment from reality. Tiff is a smart, accomplished race driver who understands the fun in cars and knows how to drive.

Bye-Bye Zonda, i just wish the new model will be as insane as the one we know and love! And I don’t care what anyone says, Jeremy Clarkson is Better than Tiff.

This Pagani is a lot better looking than the Zonda F.

I wanted to sort out a trip to Italy last year, but unfortunately i just haven’t been able to. Hopefully next summer (as I’m caught up in exams until then) and only see possibly half term as a possible time, if i get my car by then.

Pagani is such a down to earth & humble guy as well. A real inspiration. I mean he comes along with nothing more than a dream. Sets up camp in the back yard of Ferrari & Lamborghini. And essentially proceeds to build one of the best vehicles ever right under their noses. I mean its brilliant!

Ah that absolutely , this was one of the reasons i wanted to go to the motorshow; The Zonda F Roadster was the main reason i convinced my brother and dad to take me 2 years ago (but i told them it was because we were choosing my mum’s car at the time and wanted to compare the GL and Q7). I was really, really looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. Gutted; Absolutely gutted.

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