Pagani Zonda R up for auction

For those of you that will be cruising around in London on October 27th with about an estimated $2.2 million of extra cash in your pocket, boy do we have a deal for you! One of the 15 - chassis number five, to be precise - Pagani Zonda R models are up for auction during RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London event at Battersea Evolution.

This incredible automobile is powered by a V12 AMG sourced engine producing 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 524 lb. ft. of torque. This calculation is about 100hp faster than the Zonda F ! It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 233 mph. With a time of six minutes and 47 seconds on the Nurburgring, this supercar beat out the time of six minutes and 58 seconds achieved by the Ferrari 599XX ! It may look like every other Zonda out there, but the R version only uses about ten percent of the Zonda F’s components. Bringing originality to the table are the car’s new suspension forged in Avional (aluminium alloy), a new Pagani six-speed transversal sequential gearbox, and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.


Zonda is one of the most gorgeous car that I have seen..

@apackofweasels Ahh...I’m tiered man.

I love the Zonda to death, but even I wouldn’t pay that much for one, or any car for that matter. I could get 10 Ferrari 308s, 5 GTR Spec-Vs, and still have about enough for a Veyron, Gumpert Apollo, Koe segg or any other hyper car for that price.

If I had the money I would not even have a Rolls Royce.
I would drive the Zonda that much. Why? It is comfy and nice inside, and I prefer DRIVING. That is why I am a car fan. I love driving, so I would drive myself, not pay for a chauffeur. And the fact that a Zonda is a light sports car would make it all the more fun.
So I want a car to drive myself, that is fast and fun, and will last a long time.

Cosworth can make their engines lighter than you say and it lasts a lot longer than 20,000. Their engines are preferred by marine, air, and also motor sport because of the superior engineering, performance, and reliability. I guarantee that no rich man would drive his Zonda for 100,000 miles. A wealthy person would much rather use his Rolls Royce for that.

which is the sad thing about living up north. the roads are awful and id be afraid of taking something with a low ground clearance out.

Pagani is such a down to earth & humble guy as well. A real inspiration. I mean he comes along with nothing more than a dream. Sets up camp in the back yard of Ferrari & Lambo. And essentially proceeds to build one of the best vehicles ever right under their noses. I mean its brilliant!

If the difference is a 4 liter Cosworth lasts 20,000 miles vs a 7.3l AMG that lasts 100,000 miles, then 80+ lbs is not worth it.
Size doesn’t necessarily mean weight.
A 2.0L I4 Ecotec weighs 350lbs. A LS3 weighs 420lbs. The SSC 6.3L V8 weighs 430lbs. The 4.5L Ruf V8 weighs 440lbs. The 4.2L Audi weighs 450lbs.

So I will stick with big and reliable that has little to no weight gain.

OR Its not worth the 80 pounds gain for a small reliability, heh? Im pretty sure that 4 litter cosworth would be more than 80Lb lighter than a 7.3 amg. Cosworth can do much better than amg. Large size is good, but its much better in high luxury 4 door cars.

When any car looks like this...I couldn’t care less about how much HP it is or how it handles.

Brand does matter, but you can’t ignore size. A 2 Liter anything making 800hp isn’t going to last that long.
And it isn’t worth the reliability for only 80lb weight savings.

So as it is the Zonda is 2700lbs. That is fine. It isn’t overweight. So keep reliability and lose weight in other areas.

My point is that engine reliability depends on engine make. Imagine a Zonda with something like a 4 Liter 750hp by Cosworth. That would be Nice.

@pakofweasels so ZO6 Engine(LS7; larger) is more reliable than Enzo engine(smaller)?

A car like the Zonda is a fun to drive and luxurious car, something that begs to be driven and put miles on.

A Caparo T1, Leblanc Mirabeau, or Gumpert Apollo are not. They are track dedicated. Those won’t get many miles so reliability isn’t as big a concern.

Ever seen a car blow an engine in a race? Or at the start of a drag? Those are reliability problems from driven hard, not long.

I might drive a supercar 100k miles. Depends on how many I would have. Let’s say I had 1 or 2. If my car is a great all around-er; comfortable, pleasant to drive, light and sporty, fun, then I would put a lot of miles on it. I would use it every day, take it to the track, do weekend trips to the hills, etc.
So if it is designed to make power at the expense of reliability I wouldn’t consider it. I buy cars to drive them, not to put on display.

driven hard not often do you hear news of a gallardo engine give up after beigng driven hard? you shure you would drive yours supercar 100,000 miles?

Who cares about reliability of supercars? The people who buy them. I would put a lot of miles, hard miles, on a supercar. I would want it to hold up. If you plan on buying it to keep in your garage you have a problem. These cars are meant to be driven hard and that is what I would do.

Zonda is a SUPERCAR! WHO care about reliability...i guarantee that no one will drive one for 100,000 miles. Smaller engine and more power is what a fast cornering car needs! Zonda would be even lighter with that!

The Zonda F Clubsport had 650hp.
Power is power, no matter the engine size. In fact bigger is better. Generally lower hp/L gives greater reliability. The problem with bigger is weight. But at 2700lbs I don’t think the Zonda had a problem.

An new car is a great idea, but you would think after 10 years of the Zonda you would be able to design a chassis that could handle more than 700hp. And make it look good.

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