Paris Hilton receives a Lexus LF-A for her 30th birthday

Excuse us if we just swallowed a pear-sized gulp of despair…

Normally speaking, any news about the Lexus LF-A – with the exception of car crashes – is a delight for us. As one of our favorite supercars on the planet, we can’t get enough of the LF-A. But today, we found something about the LF-A that made us cringe. Badly.

Paris Hilton – yes, the same Paris Hilton that has a penchant for socializing, excessive partying, and pink Bentley Continental GTs – was given a sunny Lexus LF-A for her 30th birthday by boyfriend, Cy Waits. If it isn’t enough that the car costs $375,000, it’s going to be under the ownership of one Ms. Paris Hilton.

To be fair to her, the millionaire heiress looks to be in a good place in her life these days and hasn’t been in trouble for a while now. So we’ll give her that. But still, to give her the keys to a Lexus LF-A? We hate to say this, and forgive us for thinking this way, but we have this weird feeling that something’s going to happen to that beautiful supercar.

Then again, maybe it’s just all the pent-up envy and jealousy talking.

Source: Daily Mail


haha. It seems that Paris boyfriend seems cheap compare to Beyonce Knowles which gave jay Z her boyfriend a Bugatti Veyron which cost around millions!

I wonder why Paris Hilton didn’t choose any Bentley car? However, I think a Lexus car is a good choice for a classy person like the hotel heiresssmiley

hmm. With that age, I hope she’d be responsible enough to handle that gorgeous car with care.

If not mistaken I think she has already a pink Bentley just like with Kim Kardashian has. Well, it’s hers anyway..why we care if she banged it to the wall or burned it!

Oh, why has it to be Paris Hilton? Come on guys, she’ll just wreck the thing, or probably give it to the next guy that she fancies. Tsk.

Why is this purchase/gift a news for us?

Let it be pink with shiny stars! And of course we are digging to see the photos of Paris driving the car!

Yeah right.... so she settled for the LF-A instead of the Phantom and Bentley smiley What’s next? Chevrolet Spark? smiley

If there was true justice in this world, she wouldn’t be allowed to drive a shopping cart let alone a car.

Rich people know that Lexus is a luxury brand, so he spend $ 375,000.00 that Ferrari, Aston, Bentley money. Reading magazines i spotted Ben Affleck driving a 400LH and Britney a
RX400 , so what the deal.

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