Parking FAIL: Honda Accord Hybrid parks a little too close to a 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z

This is precisely why it’s hard to blame someone for losing their top when they get upset at people who either don’t care that their parking skills are horrible at best, or that they’re just terrible at the rather simple practice.

This photo, which was taken by a member of The370Z forum, shows aHonda Accord Hybrid parking a little too close to a 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z , which incidentally belongs to a member of the aforementioned forum. For the life of us, we have no idea how the driver of the Accord could park this close to the 370Z without at least noticing it. We just hope that the owner of the rare 370Z has a forgiving heart because if we were in his shoes, it would be a test of patience and kind-heartedness for us to not get upset over this.

Who are we kidding? We’d slaughter them.

Photo credit: Cunnos

Source: The370z


If that happened to my own precious car. I’ll shoot that in rhythm. I’m just kidding. He was just that blind that he didn’t use his side mirror.

:..i don’t know if they are thinking..hijack this crap??haha

Wonder if they fixed the brakes that faded without warned causing C&D to wreck one of their pressers.

They were probably hired by some one with a lot of money who wanted the car in his personal collection,and that person probably never intended to drive it ,at least not in public.

I think the 70 is better looking because of the old school Z styling influence but its just too expensive.

Absolute FAIL! Lol, what a waste, that 370Z is so beautiful.

So what’s the buzz on parking lots? Can we not park our cars parallel to each other?

So it means that even on parking, the competition is still going on.(just kidding)It’s big negligence to park that way.

Maybe the accord’s driver is fat and he can’t get out of his car.

Well I guess the honda’s driver are only focused on one side..

hahahah the accord kisses the ZED... well i guess the honda i very attracted to the zed..

I think they still need a school driving lesson because they parked so horrible.

Well, it was just a minor scratch and probably it can be repair with in a week.

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