Peugeot 308 first appearance

You are taking a look at the latest spyshots available of the Peugeot 308. This car is supposed to go on sale in late 2007. But it seems this full option model escaped from the Peugeot factory for a night trip in Paris. Of course our local spy was there to shoot the beast.

Look at that, the car is beautiful, inside out. Even thought this model is the pimp out fully loaded. We are confident that new Peugeot 308 base model will make a killing against the Golf and Audi A3.

Only detail that I am not absolute fan of, is the hatchback window. It looks like Jacques Cousteau old submarine. But I think that would not stop me from buying one.

The pictures have been taken today, June 18th 2007, in Paris.

Peugeot 308 first appearance
Peugeot 308 first appearance

Special thanks to Cyril from Paris for the spyshots.


great article. I would like to see more articles like this on the site.

Seems Peugeot is taking some styling cues from the guys at Renault. Don’t dispair because Toyota has done it with the latest RAV4. I loved the 307, but I’m just not so sure it was the success that it was supposed to be. Partially because Peugeots have lost the thing that made them special in the past. Great ride and handling. If they can manage to find that with this car then they will have a winner.

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