Peugeot 408 - first images

Peugeot is preparing to replace the current 407 . Its successor, the 408 will be revealed in December 2009 and according to the French Magazine Auto Journal might look like this. The 408 will share the same platform as the current Citroen C5 , but will clearly have its own identity.

Peugeot 408 - first images

Jerome Gallix, Peugeot’s design directory declared, "The new Peugeot will still be dynamic, but will feature a simpler design, more harmonious and more balanced." Translation: the 408 will be a revised car on the old car’s platform.

The big news is that next to the standard gasoline and diesel engine, the future 408 will also feature the HYmotion2 hybrid technology revealed by Peugeot in Paris.

Source: Auto Journal

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