Peugeot prepares model smaller than the 308 RC-Z

While the French built Peugeot RC-Z is already a very successful car, they are planing to bring a smaller model to market that will compete with other compacts fromFord , Honda and Mini . It seems that the new car trend these days is leading towards smaller and more efficient vehicles, however compact does not have to mean mean less. The new 2+2 model will be placed below the current 308 RC-Z and according to the automaker, it will be a bigger hit than the 205 GTi, quite a big claim.

The new compact coupe will be built on the same front wheel drive platform as the next generation Peugeot 207 and promises to deliver the same level of performance as the 208 HP turbocharged Mini JCW . Like the Mini, the new Peugeot will be offered in both coupe and roadster configurations with a design inspired by both the BB1 concept and RC-Z sports car. Peugeot has made some pretty big claims for their future small car, we just hope they can deliver.

Source: AutoExpress


Of course the popularity of hatchback cars on the market plus combine it with the hunger of the retailers on the Mini cars, well that makes this concept to have also a small car for the car manufacturer Peugeot. As long as the performance will not suffer, I’m on it all the way.

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