Peugeot RD concept

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The Peugeot RD Concept, designed by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar from Columbia is one of the ten finalists of the 5th edition of the Peugeot Design Contest 2008.

Peugeot RD concept

The RD concept is a 3 wheels car perfect for traveling through the busy traffic of a city. The interesting thing about this concept is that the car is able to change direction and to become more compact during heavy traffic and low speeds. The big front window offers the driver the best view of the surroundings, and also offers all the necessary information the diver commands talking to the car. The concept has no doors, only the front window that is also the roof of the car.

The RD is a great looking concept that could change the way we travel through the big cities.


The car has nice wheels like in the movie Tron. It’s so futuristic car with big front window for better view in the surroundings.

Another robotic concept, WOW! Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar must really be a genius for creating a weird but very impressive car! smiley Well, I’m interested to see this in person and see it for myself if how it become more compact during heavy traffic.

It’s a good future car. A cool concept and impressive with designs. They said in the article that it can be compact, how is that? If ever, this is going one of the best concept cars.

This is the most cute concept vehicle I’ve seen so far.

Cool. Although it wouldn’t be something that I will bring when it’s raining or if it just rained. There are no protection on the sides such as mirrors. Anyhow, it really looks cool and advanced with all the fancy things that it can do.

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