Phantasma CL Chrome based on the Mercedes-Benz CL

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Phantasma CL Chrome based on the Mercedes-Benz CL

Asma Design creators of the shark faced Mercedes are at it again, this time with the CL65 based Phantasma CL Chrome. The unique appearance of these cars is meant for drivers looking for that over the top exterior to set them apart from any other Benz on the road. The 6.0 Liter V12 has been boosted to make 735 HP letting the Merc go from 0-60 MPH in only 3.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 205 MPH doesn’t hurt to set owners apart even further.


That over the top exterior is a real show off. I just hope the the interior is also given equal importance.

This Phantasma CL looks really deserving for its very expressive exterior design.

Some hates this Phantasma design by Asman due to its seemingly heavily armored nose. But some likes the overall effect and the individualistic features that it provides to the owner.

The entire design, all tough may not be appealing to the majority, shows boldness and character that is only be specifically designed by Asman.

The sharp noses is Asman’s design trademark. You know your car got tuned up with Asman if it bears this bold character

I don’t like the way they over emphasized the car’s nose. It honestly looks strange.

This very individualistic the very sharp body kit and over emphasized rear front gives this Phantasma CL a sharky look. I check out the official site of Asma Design and I was impressed with their tuning ensemble.

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