Photo of the Week: Colin McRae and His Subaru WRX at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

This picture may be a little old — from the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed rally — but it still captures the essence of rally racing. Not only are rallys hard to photograph because of the limited angles you have, but the high speeds and bouncing that the cars do make it nearly impossible.

Well, Kolin Tregaskes caught Colin McRae’s Subaru WRX heading up the Goodwood Forest Rally at the Festival of Speed . Yup, Goodwood has more than just an awesomely technical road course.

You get to see this blue rocket propelling between the trees, likely at speeds most of us would not hot on the interstate, let alone off road. In his trail is nothing but a light cloud of dust.

Even with Tregaskes’ steady hand and likely high-end digital camera, the violent bouncing of McRae’s car still comes through as a light blur. This makes you wonder exactly how these rally drivers can even see the path they are piloting.

Nice grab by Kolin Tregaskes. Make sure to catch his entire Flickr portfolio here to see other great shots.

Source: Flickr


Whoever captures this image, I’m impressed on him/her. It’s hard to catch a fast-moving object on a clear shot like this.

Yeah despite the aging image of this from years ago, the aggressiveness of the WRX remains the same. We knew that its hard to capture a racing rally car on motion since they have a lot of movements and bumps on the high speeds, but this one has a good and almost clear image of a rally car.

Colin McRae really showing how powerful his car is. Subaru is also one of the popular racing cars, so no surprise if his car is really fast.

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