Photo of the Week: Rhys Millen and his Hyundai Genesis drifter in Brazil

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With all of our past Photo of the Week images simply being pictures of stationary cars, we thought this week we’d bring you something even more special. The following picture taken by Bruno Terena definitely meets those prerequisites.

The following image was captured in Serra do Rio do Rastro, Brazil back in 2010 where Rhys Millen took to the mountainous roads in one of many promotional activities for his sponsor, Red Bull.

Now you may be asking yourself as to what separates this drifting photo from the thousands of others circling the net? Well, let me describe the reasons. First, it’s very rare that one will stumble upon a drifting photo actually captured out in the wilderness rather than a ‘drifting arena’ in the middle of a bustling city. Second, we absolutely adore how this image manages to capture both the Hyundai Genesis drifter and the stunning backdrop in one frame.

Finally, the awesome smoke trail following the Genesis up the mountain and around the hairpin in the center of the photo also played a part in our selection for this weeks’ Photo of the Week.

Be sure to check out Terena’s flickr account for more great photographs!

Source: Bruno Terena


I really want to experience capturing this kind of photography. It has meanings.

I wonder how they capture this awesome picture. It actually capture the power of Hyundai genesis and Rhys Millen.

Just by looking at this picture, you can see that when he did the drift, the car puts so much power in it.

Wow. Seriously, it’s very scary. You will know that this Hyundai has a very powerful HP!

We rarely see Hyundai cars drifting like hell aside from this. Hyundai Genesis is heavy right? Yet it can drift like that.

I really love to see bulky supercars when doing drift. Especially with Hyundai Genesis whose weight is not suitable for drifting.

Genesis is lot heavier than other drift cars. So it’s quite amazing to see a Genesis drifting in an amazing speed.

Definitely, it’s not the Subaru that caused the crack on the surface of the road.

Had you noticed the crack on the surface of the road ahead of the vehicle? Ha ha to think that this Genesis drift makes this crack on the steep and narrow road.

It’s not really a bad example actually. He is just showing what Hyundai Genesis could do when it comes to drifting.

This is a bad example of showing this picture to be public. It unintentionally promotes the hazard of drifting as well.

I admired his courageous move and stunts on that deadly narrow road. At least, he still manages to show drifting practice.

Drifting on a narrow road like that and with such high elevation is not an easy thing to do.

I’m amazed with the urge in this driver. He drifts nearly falling from the cliff. I admire the adrenalin rushed on him.

I think I like that image. Despite the danger, it poses on that cliff. He still manages his balance on doing his aggressive rush on drifting.

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