Pininfarina at Shanghai Auto Show

Pininfarina was the first Italian design house, provider of automotive styling, engineering and development services, to seal an agreement with a Chinese auto-maker in May 1996. In the last 11 years, it has padded out its customer portfolio and now cooperates with a number of major companies in this sector, including Avichina/Hafei, Brilliance, Changfeng, Chery, JAC.

The models at Shanghai Motor Show:

  •  JAC

AviChina Auto Corporation presents on its stand the Luzun, production minivan whose exterior design was executed by Pininfarina during 2005.Starting from a platform supplied by the customer, Pininfarina was successful in creating an elegant, simple design and providing a feeling of compactness and dynamic solidity.

The side panel is characterized by a continuous and tight line that goes from the headlight to the third rear window defining its shape. Luzun made its debut at the 2006 Beijing Motor Show on Avichina’s booth.

At the same time, the HF10, a minivan styling model will also be presented. Pininfarina , executed the exterior design between the end of 2005 and the middle of 2006.

Brilliance exhibits on its stand the Junjie, 3 volumes four door production saloon. It is a 2003 Pininfarina restyling of the Brlliance Zhonghua saloon. The main interventions have been carried out on the front and on the rear, cutting the jumps and creating - with a special consideration to the European taste - new styling lines for the future Brilliance products range.

Pininfarina at Shanghai Auto Show

The design of the interior is completely new: classic, inspired by the European saloon, with fluid lines. Each smallest detail has been meticulous cured. It is decorated with good quality materials as brier and chromate aluminium. Great care was taken in the development of the ergonomic and functional aspects. At the 2006 Beijing Motor Show, the Junjie was awarded “The best New Car in B Segment”. This model has been chosen by Brilliance for its European premiere at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Brilliance was the first Chinese car manufacturer to exhibit at an European car event.

In December 2004 Pininfarina signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese company Changfeng Motor for the supply of design and engineering services. Changfeng presents on its booth the first automobile to be born out of this contract: the SUV Liebao. Beginning with the exterior and the interior design this production SUV was developed by Pininfarina between 2005 and 2006.

The design briefing called for an advanced styling solution, thus distancing itself from the competitors. Great care was taken in the development of the volumes which are characterized by aggressive graphics as the lengthen shape of the headlamps. The body side is distinguished by character lines over the front and the rear fenders which strongly separate the tyres from the bumper cut lines.

Pininfarina at Shanghai Auto Show

On Chery’s stand, Pininfarina is present with two cars: A3 and A3 sport. A3 is a three-volume 4 doors c-segment saloon, developed between the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2006.

Strong care was taken in designing the interiors to create the effect of lightness, agreeableness and plainness. The central part of the dashboard goes toward the top and designs a sail dividing the cockpit in three parts well distinguished in terms of shape and colours.

The platform was expressly studied by Pininfarina. Also all the exterior and interior components and the suspensions were developed and engineered by our company.

A3 Sport is a 2-box saloon running prototype – with a more sporty appearance to appeal to youngish customers. It has in common with the A3 version the chassis, the front and rear part.

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