Pink Pagani Zonda

This car was caught on September 28th in the parking lot of an exclusive hotel in Singapore. We were originally horrified by a someone choosing to paint over the beautiful carbon fiber body of the Pagani Zonda with such a horrible color. Then again, this may just be a new fashion trend. We’ve already seen a Bugatti Veyron and Rolls-Royce Phantom in the light hue.



seen pictures of a pink enzo and a pink camo veyron

that not even a nice shade of pink at least if it was hot pink it would be better other than that its a waste even if its for a new pink panther movie i dont think that the people watching it they will realize what type of car it is they should have picked some little cheap car that a super car like this.

I could be for the new pink panther movie?
it is really a waste to do that to that car.

Elvis’s Zonda? perhaps he is still alive. no other reason any one should put such a ghastly color on their car.

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