Pink Power 3: The Pink Hummer Limo

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Topspeed is running down a list of the most attention-grabbing pink cars spotted anywhere in the world. We’ve already given you the pink Audi R8 and the Donut King Nissan GT-R , so the next one on our list is a limousine in the UK that we believe every young girl going to their prom should go in.

The novelty of vehicles being stretched into limousines is a concept that isn’t exactly ground-breaking. We’ve all seen them in the past and while most have captured our attention, the shock and awe nevertheless wanes as time goes by.

Every so often, a stretched out limo is so flamboyant that no amount of time can make us forget about it. Take this stretched-out Hummer for example. It looks like a doozy in its own right, but what takes it over the top is the fact that it’s colored – you guessed it – baby pink.

Tutti-fruttiness aside, the pink Hummer is as loaded as any limo you can ever find, and it’s all designed to fit all the needs and wants of a girl looking for a great night on the town. The pink Hummer limo has three TV’s, laser lights, strobe lights, 1800-watt sound system, star lights, optic lights, and a pink leather interior that makes you feel like you’re in your own private club. Speaking of private clubs, the pink Hummer limo also comes with its own mini bar to satisfy all your alcoholic cravings.

Not too shabby for a limousine that is considered as one of the most sought-after limos for hire in the UK.

Source: Bonrich


This is cool, a mix of hummer and limo, two of the most reliable vehicles. Not only females but also feminist persons would approve of this concept. Although I must say the hummer form really does seem masculine.

This limousine is perfect for a hot chick! I like the pink leather interior, complete sound system and lights it’s an ultimate time to hold a girl’s night out!

I can’t believe that they are going to come up with this concept. The Hummer did so well in the framework of this limo. It looks like it was stretch on both sides. It’s totally cool isn’t it?

Hahaha! Hot indeed! Well, I love the bunny graphics of it on its side and especially on its interior, so girly! I bet they never put it on the market production.

That’s what we call "hot in pink"

Nice try! Girly Pink Limo..smiley

haha, pink as paris hilton’s bentley. I know, this is owned by a man, right?

Honestly, I don’t like the color pink it looks lame.

The bunny icon is a good idea, it makes the limo not that feminine. Sure it costs a lot to customize that hummer.

sure it’s comfy riding inside the playboy limo, i wonder how much does it costs just to set up and customize a hummer like this one. I love the bunny icon.

The bunny on the side makes it look like a Playboy magazine creation. No wonder it is so crazy...

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