Police Car Fail: Texas Highway Trooper leaves car keys inside police interceptor

We hold our police troopers in high regard here for the services they provide in ensuring the safety of commuters all over the country.

That being said, you’re going to have to forgive us if we find this photo a little amusing, not to mention, embarassing for those Texas Highway patrolmen.

Apparently, the very people that keep us drivers in line when we’re out on the road aren’t as admirable as we think, especially when they commit one of the cardinal sins when operating a car: don’t leave your keys inside when you lock your car.

Yep, the picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Source: Jalopnik


Well, I guess the officer has taking a cup of coffee when he realizes he’s key is left inside the car.

Ping_Guererro agree with ping, leaving the car key inside is a big mistake if you are drive.

Admirable as we think especially when they commit a cardinal sin when operating a car: don’t leave your keys inside when you locked your car.

oh that was an irresponsible act of the police officer, well nobody’s perfect

ERRRRR.. what a bad day to end isn’t it? Is there any duplicate key at the Police Dept?

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