Pontiac G8 ... First impressions from the passenger seat

I just got picked up at the San Diego airport by the new Pontiac G8 , on my way to the hotel, waiting for tomorrow morning test drive. The first impression from the passenger seat are very positive. Driving around San Diego downtown was very comfortable, with the right amount of feedback from the road an the engine. Inside it feels like a proper sport sedan as well. So far, the G8 feels very docile while driven in the city, come back tomorrow for a much more detailed article.


jerminator most people who buy these cars go for power, not comfort.i was looking at the power. so what if it is a big sedan, the eclipse gt weighs near 3600. even with a 4 cylinder engine it has an impressive performance. and i happen to like pontiacs.
and yes, the new evo is quite comfortable.
ps the g8 doesnt have mind blowing accesories. you might as well buy the infinity series, dont know about power but they are comfy all right. i dont know about the pricing of this one but if u really want comfort and luxury, u might as well buy an audi. it might cost more(might) but the a8 is one hell of a car.
again jerminator, i was reffering to the power, hence my reason for insulting the holden engineers.

Can the eclipse gt, the audi TTor the evo X hold even 4 adults comfortably? I don’t think you’re comparing apples to apples here. The G8 is a large sedan, compare it to other large sedans.

6 liter v8 at 362 horsepower.that is impressive performance? puuulease!
and maddex, this car is a holden. it is made in austalia under holden and sold in the us as pontiacs.
piece of advice: buy the eclipse gt, the audi TTor the evo X(which has better acceleration and handling) and costs less. the new TT consumes only 5.3 to 5.5 litres per 100 km!
and the new eclipse just looks good.
to the makers; take a page from the japanese, you idiots! they can make 480 horses in a V6 with smaller capacity in litres. the new gtr is prove of that.

What about the interior ?

sorry that should haf been der smiley

well dr maddex , go captain obvious smiley

Looks alot likw the Holden commador

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