Pontiac G8 Wagon?

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One of the stars at this week’s Australian International Motor Show in Sydney is the station wagon version of the Holdon Commodore, which Holden Holden calls the Sportwagon. It is built on the same wheelbase as the sedan and is quite sporty in appearance. It will be offered with the same powertrain choices as the sedan, which includes a 6 liter V-8 of 361 hp. It’s pegged as being about four inches shorter than a Dodge Magnum and two inches lower.
Insiders expect the wagon to make it to the United States as part of the Pontiac G8 line-up. General Motors seems interested in building wagons, even though the Magnum Magnum hasn’t been an entirely rousing sales success. Nonetheless, it is expected that Cadillac Cadillac will introduce a wagon version of the new CTS to compete with the Mercedes Mercedes -Benz, BMW BMW , and Audi wagon models. Brining the Holden Sportwagon to the states would give GM a similar model at a lower price than the competitors.

Pontiac G8 Wagon?

The wagon shown in Australia features 20” wheels, a rear hatch that lifts from before the end of the roofline, a 60:60 split bench rear seat, roof mounted DVD and parking assist front and rear.
Insiders expect the car to make the car to make it to the U.S. because all the necessary crash tests have been completed with the G8 and it would share the majority of the sheet metal with that car.


Replacement for my Magnum? Since Dodge announced they are dropping the wagon, looks like GM gets my $$ next time! gimme the big v8, please...

After I became a father last year I started looking at cars differently. I’m a car guy at heart and I prefer a wagon over a minivan or an SUV so this would be a good idea...but how many "Tangos" are actually out there?

damn looks like dodge got sum station wagon competition

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