Porsche 911 Carrera S 2009 - Spy Shots

Porsche will unveil a facelift Carrera S in 2009. The car will feature new quad-element HID headlamps nestled within the Carrera’s not-new ovoid surrounds.

Beneath the familiar frog eyes are enlarged air intakes into which the turn signals are integrated (thankfully in a horizontal arrangement, as opposed to the fang-like design on the 2008 Cayenne). A subtle lower lip extends from the chin spoiler and continues all the way down the bodysides and into the rear bumper. Said bumper has been has been revised to accommodate wider-set tailpipes and, unfortunately, droopy Cayenne-style LED taillamps.

The power will remain unchanged: 325/355 hp as the current model.


I love this car and any enhancements made to it......

im liking the updated - headlamps./ rear leds- you will prob see these updates throughout the rest of the product line as well in the future.

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