Porsche 911 Turbo facelift spy shot

After giving the 911 Carrera , Carrera 4S and Targa a minor facelift (as well as a through reworking), Porsche is now focusing on touching up the 911 Turbo.

Although the world debut will be made in January at the Detroit Auto Show, we can already see that the new turbo will get the same front and rear bumper treatment of the lesser 911s. Also, the "whale tail" spoiler that has always distinguished the turbo model will be reduced in size and distinction. The new upgraded turbo engine, probably displacing 3.8-litres, is said to make an extra 20hp from the previous generation (and will likely make the Nissan GT-R tremble).

Source: WCF


And it is interesting that this site seems to have missed the duel between Porche and Nissan with Porche claiming that Nissan could not have possibly completed the lap time on stock tyres. Nissan retaliated by saying that Porche needed driving lessons and later released a video of the GT-R lapping the Nurburgring only this time with a close up of the tyres.

I find it hard to believe no one got wind of that.Maybe this is a Porche fansite.

Can it do the Nurburgring in 7.29 with an extra 20hp? I don’t think so. There is no way an overhyped Porche can make a GT-R tremble.

For all the racing legendary heritage that Porches supposedly offer, it quite funny that the oh so lowly Nissan has better track times.

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