Porsche Bluesport rendering

Okay, we are not going to go through the whole process again about how Porsche may get a version of Volkswagen’s BlueSport Concept . A rendering of the roadster is a good excuse to focus on the Porsche side of the speculation, but for those that don’t know the whole story, just read this .

The basics are if Porsche gets in bed with the VW Bluesport, it could either serve as the new smaller, lighter Boxster or slot under the Boxster as a 914 revival . If Porsche does develop a brand new car, don’t expect the name to be 356 , Speedster or anything else significant from Porsche’s history. The German company is too proud of its heritage to be reduced to selling car on nostalgia.

If a Bluesport Porsche does go into production, no matter who does the actual assembly, Porsche would still be the one to make the engine. The likely candidate would be it’s planned four-cylinder powerplant .

Remember that this is a lot of speculation. Porsche has a lot of obstacles including a large investment in facilities, and it would need to find a way to distinguish the next Boxster so there would be no cannibalization. But if this plan does come together, we could expect to see the new roadster by 2013.

Source: AutoZeitung


I won’t rule out the name 914 because that follows Porsche’s heritage. The 914 was developed as a joint venture with VW, and the four cylinder 914s were badged VW/Porsche in Europe.

As for other names speculated for this possible car...

Even if the 356 started out using many VW parts (all developed by Ferdinand Porsche,) the name means too much to Porsche for it to be ever put on another car - especially one Porsche didn’t start the development on. Also the Speedster name is used for special editions not whole car lines.

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