Porsche Boxster S laps Nurburgring in 7:58

Porsche Boxster

The new generation Porsche Boxster made its official debut last week at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, but the car has already scored impressive results. The Boxster S model lapped the Nurburgring race track in an impressive 7:58 - or about 18 seconds shy of the new, more powerful Porsche 911 which scored an heart-racing time of 7:40.

This speedy lap time means the Boxster S is faster than models like the Corvette C6 (7:59), the Viper SRT-10 (7:59), and the C63 AMG Coupe (8:01) - which are far more powerful than the tiny Boxster. This result also makes the new generation better than the model it replaces which had a lap time of 8:10.

The new Boxster S is powered by a 3.4 liter flat-six engine that delivers a total of 315 HP. It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and will hit a top speed of 173 mph when equipped with a manual gearbox.

Source: Autoblog.nl


I still refuse to believe that this is the best of its kind; I’m pretty sure that some other existing model can beat this.

This isn’t something new to me. I’ve always believed Boxster is capable of doing this.

This Boxster S caught my attention for the first time. I often overlook it, but now I can distinguish it; thanks to this report.

No wonder this made a loud noise at the motor show. It’s proven dynamic plenty of times already!

Boxster has blown my mind away! I can’t take my eyes off it; it’s really charismatic.

Porsche Boxster has surprised a lot of people upon its launching. What can I say? Porsche has mastered car dynamics and efficiency.

This is why I like it best. It’s actually ahead of the other Porsche supercars.

Porsche is a company you can rely on; what interests me the most is the quality they are providing their cars.

First impressions last, as they say. So I think Porsche has once made a milestone with their Boxster. They keep on manufacturing dynamic cars lately; I don’t even know which to choose anymore.

This company placed an exciting show at Geneva Motor show. They showcased the car’s performances that placed them on the top spot.

I am impressed with the cars’ performance; it beats its rivals at the motor show. I almost forgot that Porsche is topping this category; thanks to their Boxster and 911.

Whoa, the surprising revelation of this car has gotten even more exciting because of its speedy performance! I can’t believe it actually beat those other super cars!

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