Porsche Carma Concept

The Porsche Carma is a concept study created by a team of students from the Institute Supérieur de Design (Valenciennes, France). The team was formed by: Germain Baillot, Pierre Fichet Delavault, Julie Dicks, Simon Menu.

The aim of the design team was to create an extreme sportscar which could also be suitable for every-day use. They chose Porsche because of its advanced engineering technologies and its "technical culture".

Particular attention was paid to the vehicle’s aerodynamics, which resulted in a detailed study of the body and underbody surfaces in order to achieve the necessary downforce.

Porsche Carma Concept

At the rear an internal spoiler was created by channeling the air-flow underneath the exterior ’skin’ of the car. The flat underbody integrates two Venturi-tubes that increase the ground-effect. The powertrain adopts Porsche’s classic six cylinder boxer unit.

Based on the exploratory sketches by Pierre Fichet Delavault, the 3D surface modeling process was carried out using Alias StudioTools 13.5, while the surrounding environment, required for the final renderings and animation, was created in Maya 8.5 using polygonal modeling.

Porsche Carma Concept


looks.. different... good i think smiley

i dunno if i like it

It looks like Porche is getting creative.

Surprised to see Porsche come with this

yeah it looks good but why is it so long usually porsche’s are shorter than that in the body

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