Porsche Carrera by Mansory

Mansory has revealed a new aerodynamic kit for the 911 Porsche Carrera. Special attention has been given to the front end: a new frontskirt with integrated air intakes, a frontlip in exciting sports car design for your standard frontskirt. The aerodynamically designed rearspoiler with the typical character of a racing car causes the important stabilization of the rear axle and the needed aerodynamic lift.

Porsche Carrera by Mansory

The complete rearskirt with its integrated air outtakes makes your Porsche look more aggressive. On your request it gets upgraded by carbon fiber exclusively. The new designed sport exhaust system refers to the topic high performance.

The engine gets a a high performance manifold and two silencers. The Carrera also features port springs set and a high performance manifold.


Honestly speaking, I really don’t like this package coz’ it’s like the same original Carrera. More aggressive look? How dare you? Porsche Carrera has that aggressive look without the aerodynamic kit of Mansory. Sorry to say this but the package kinda "amateurish" IMO.

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