Porsche Carrera GT crashed

Source: Elise Talk

Since today we brought you a lot of news about Ferrari and Lamborghini crashed and we were really hoping that will never have to write about a Porsche crashed, but today our hopes have been vanished.

A Porsche Carrera GT, from the 1250 ever made, crashed today because "someone did not understood what too much HP and cold tires are about." The car looks really bad, we can only hope the driver is ok, but he needs to say "Good bye!" to $500.000.


The guy that crashed the car did not even own it, he was a mechanic taking it from a body shop back to the dealer. He was on a side street and only going about 35 mph. A dump truck pulled out in front of him and he swerved to avoid it and ended up hitting the pole. This happened a little north of NYC. GET THE STORY STRAIGHT BEFORE POSTING IT.

I think this driver is drunk dont you?

What do they mean by "hope the driver is okay". I hope he suffers for destroying this car

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