Porsche Carrera GT destroyed by fire

It appears that more and more super cars are turning themselves into BBQ pits. While Californians are roasting marshmallows over million dollar automobiles like the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F-430 , in China it would seem that they prefer to use something a little more German. This time it was a Porsche Carrera Porsche Carrera GT that blew a fuse and spontaneously combusted in Shanghai. At least the car happened to be on a circuit at the time, where a couple of valiant corner workers were on hand with plenty of fire extinguishers.

Porsche Carrera GT destroyed by fire

One might argue that with the recent rise of super car conflagrations combined with the current economic downturn could lead speculators to believe that perhaps some of these open fires were owner motivated in an attempt to turn an expensive toy into a liquid asset. However, even if the reason for the Porsche’s fire remains unknown. Due to the track day situation we can assume that it was just a severely overheated engine. Either way, the men with the fire extinguishers have inadvertently proved that the black Carrera GT looks good with a white top and matching rims.

Source: GT Spirit


It could have been an overheat in the engine or it could have been an engine blown resulting to more flames, whichever of the two, it was surely a maintenance error on the part of the owner of the car.

It’s old news,it was what happened last year.

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