Porsche Carrera S by Bo Zolland

I will never understand why someone will want to make a Porsche to look like a vintage Volkswagen, but it seems there are people that actully like this.

This car was, in the origins, a 2005 Porsche Carrera S, but Bo Zolland made it look like a vintage VW. Not one body panel is from the original car.

Porsche Carrera S by Bo Zolland

Its widened to fit Porsche original chassis, chopped, leaning front and front window, longer and massaged heavily in rear to accommodate the 3.6 L engine. The underbody has a almost invisible air diffusors and undercarriage is flat to reduce lift. Top speed is limited, but still in the 140-160 MPH range.

All original engine management is there, even navigation, but interior will be a modern/vinage blend. Instruments have old VW faces etc. The top will be a fixed cabrio look steel roof.


this looks sooooo $hitty!!! i wudn’t even sit next to a person who wud waste money on sumtin like this

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