Porsche Cayman Club Sport confirmed for 2010

It was only a few weeks ago the German sports car make Porsche unveiled the Boxster Spyder , an even lighter version of the entry level open air Stuttgart special. In order to make the Boxster even more competitive, Porsche’s engineers managed to ditch over 150 pounds sports car by using light weight material for larger body parts like aluminum doors before stripping it down to 1275 kg by removing the air conditioner and then the electrically operated convertible top.

Porsche Boxster Spyder

Seeing as the new Spyder was such a success, Porsche plans to apply a similar treatment to the fixed roof version of the baby 911 . The special edition sports car will be called the Porsche Cayman Club Sport and although there is no rag top opening actuators to get rid of the design team from Zuffenhausen has figured out a way to make up for it. Aside from the weight reduction, the Club Sport Cayman’s flat six will put down a total of 320 HP to the rear wheels, a factor that can quickly be translated into enhanced performance.

Source: Telegraaf


It will be a great news that they will deal also on the electric car concept this year. The plans to lower down the weight of this Spyder may be interesting on some point that people usually prefer light weight alloys on their cars so if it will be successful, I think the car popularity will increase.

After hearing this upgrade, the enhancement process of that car seems quite easy. As for now, I will stick with this article. I want to know what’s other user’s feedback about this car.

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