Porsche Cayman Club Sport not dead, just idling

We got sideswiped just a little at the Los Angeles Auto Show when Porsche unveiled the Cayman R , a vehicle said to be the most powerful mid-engined Cayman ever, as opposed to the CS version that we expected. Don’t get us wrong; it wasn’t a complete letdown, but it just wasn’t what we expected in terms of power and performance. Thankfully, chief of mid-engined cars, Hans-Jurgen Wohler, is giving us that sliver of hope we need in order to keep ours dreams of the Cayman CS alive.

In an interview with AutoCar, Hans-Jurgen Wohler said:
“We now have a new CEO in Matthias Müller and he has some ideas. This is the decision of the board: which car line, which direction."

During this interview he also explained why the Cayman R came out before the Cayman Club Sport. Wohler said: "Use the example of the Boxster Spyder. It’s very ‘sharp’, and you only reach certain volumes with the positioning of that car. With the Cayman R, the day-to-day usability is really another world compared with the Spyder. But a CS version of the Cayman would be like the Spyder in the positioning."

A final decision has yet to be made, but the fact that the Cayman CS is still being talked about as a possibility bodes well for those of us willing to wait for it a bit longer.

Source: Autocar


I love Porsche, but why in the world they have so many models with so small visual differences between them? At some point, a rookie will say, OMG do they have more models than 911 and Boxter? I thought the Cayenne is a newer VW Touareg smiley Cayman... sounds more like a boat lol

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