Porsche CEO says 550 Spyder is not dead

Porsche 550

Back in January, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller said that the world was just not ready for the long rumored baby Boxster - or 550 as it is believed to be called. However, now it seems that Mueller is investigating the decision a bit further and coming up with a different response because in a recent interview he said the car was definitely still in the works.

Mueller said that Porsche held a focus group last month to see if the market was ready for a new A-segment roadster. He didn’t reveal the results, but he did say that it would be more a matter of when; "when is the right time? Now? Three years from now? Six or seven?" The timing has to be just right and so does the car because Porsche doesn’t want to risk introducing a new lower-priced, entry-level model and end up damaging the company’s brand image. Until those details are ironed out, Porsche will simply not move forward with a decision: "We’re in no hurry. We have the freshest and youngest model line we’ve had in our history."

If built, the 550 will be powered by a four-cylinder engine with an output between 200 to 300 HP. The new model will also feature a light chassis and will obey all the future fuel economy regulations.


Well, when is the time that the people will be ready for the Boxter/550?

I approve of its modification, but not to the extent that its original look will thoroughly vanish.

I wonder how much speed it gained since its weight loss. I expect it to be a lot!

Oh no, not again. Another Porsche will be plaguing my mind again because of its stunning specifications!

The weight reduction also contributes to easy handling aside from the increase in speed.

Then how is it doing? Porsche should pimp it out more.

It is much better if they preserve the beauty of the old Spyder, or better yet, just do a little enhancement on the exterior.

@BenBoston, there is an upgrade, obviously. Now that Spyder is lightweight it would surely be speedier.

Glad to know that the Porsche ancestor is still doing well. By taking a glimpse on all the models of Porsche, I can barely tell the differences.

Great, they reduced its weight, so I can drive it easier. Does it mean it will also have upgrades in the speed?

This rumored concept is not yet unveiled to the public since it will be finished a few years henceforward. This is worth waiting for; the feature is quite impressive for its light chassis.

Before, the Porsche Boxster is the best-seller among the models they have released. It changed when they produced the 911 Carerra.

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