Porsche considering Cayenne Diesel for North America

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It’s not easy loving Porsche in this day and age. The 911 is still fantastic, but it’s easy to think that the German automaker sold its soul when they began creating sedans and SUVs. Now, it’s only going to get worse, as a diesel is afoot.

According to the Times Colonist, Laurance Yap, Porsche is currently considering bringing a diesel motor for the Cayenne to the United States. The option has been looked at before, but Americans have never taken too kindly to the motor, so Porsche stayed away.

Yet, with fuel economy standards becoming ever higher, Porsche is considering the idea. The idea makes sense, as Audi is currently in a clean diesel marketing push in the U.S. In order to compete, Porsche will look to add a diesel Cayenne, which is already on sale in Europe, to America and Canada.

Canadians are showing a strong interest in diesel-powered motors. Mercedes-Benz is selling 70-80 percent of their SUVs with diesels under the hood. Volkswagen are in the same boat, selling 90 percent of the Touareg with a diesel.



Cayenne is a mainstream Porsche model which is highly valuable and profitable to the company. It helps to drive in revenue which then is partly used
to develop 911s and so forth. So I am fine with sacrificing a bit of the heritage for the aforementioned.

By the way: In Europe Porsche sells already 72% of the Cayennes with the Diesel engine, according to de. cars. yahoo. com

/18062010/ 422/vorstellung-porsch e-cayenne-v6-effizient .html

Seriously though, I’m pretty sure the Hybrid will still easily outsell the diesel here in the US. I think the Silverado Hybrid is the only car on the market which the hybrid-hype doesn’t apply to, for good reason.

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