Porsche might use the name 'Cajun' for upcoming baby Cayenne SUV

Here’s a little scoop for all of you that have been pining for Porsche to finally release a baby brother for the Cayenne SUV. Until now, Porsche has kept tight-lipped on the prospect of releasing one in the first place, but Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkom may have let the cat out of the bag in an interview with the “Spiegel” when he mentioned that a new Porsche SUV – one that’s smaller than the Cayenne – is in the works and that it won’t come with the Roxster label that it has been previously associated with.

Instead, according to Winterkom, the new Porsche SUV would be called “the Cajun”.

“Volkswagen wants to bring more to radiate the Porsche brand,” he said. “There will be an additional model…a new SUV…a little brother for the Cayenne, the Cajun.”

Take this for what it’s worth because we’re holding our judgments until a formal announcement is made. But it is worth pointing out that since the quote came from Winterkom himself, it’s got a lot more weight to it than just hearing it from some random person.


Yeah, they haven’t directly says that it was killed but I have a feeling that they have stopped it for awhile for the buyers don’t like a small version of SUV.

Well,I feel sorry for the Porsche for the unsuccessful production of Cajun. It seems
that they need to return the Cayenne to save this production. BTW, small version of SUV
wasn’t a hit after all.

Why? It gives them more R&D money for their true sports cars. It certainly hasn’t diluted the brand at all either. They are just as focused as they were before.

Cajun? it doesn’t sounds so aggressive unlike his brother cayenne..

Wow. That’s a dumbass name for a porsche

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