Porsche Panamera Convertible confirmed by patent applications

After Porsche unveiled the Panamera luxury sedan at the Frankfurt Motor Show to a rousing reception, the general consensus was that a a convertible version is already in the works, that is until rumors started circulating that decisions regarding the convertible version was still to receive an official decision.

Now, it seems that the cat is finally out of the bag after a series of patent applications on the Panamera convertible have recently surfaced.

The patents reveal that the future convertible will retain the same layout as the four-door sedan, offering the same interior space and a fabric roof.

It is expected that the convertible will feature the same V6 and V8 engines with power ranging from 300 to 500 bhp.

Source: Autocar


It was great that it had two engine options and even on its exterior appearance. It really looks so stunning and fabulous, and the car lines that it had added more appeal on it.

This is my first time to encounter a convertible Porsche. And I would say it really looks awesome. This Panamera convertible is really a great innovation.

That is such a great innovation coming from Porsche. I never had a chance to glimpse such kind of convertible in my entire life. This one was really awesome. I can’t wait for its official launch.

I do believe that convertible are such an awesome styling ever! However, I find the 4 door coupe kind of big! I hope it wouldn’t affect the engine performance of the car.

Its good that they are to maintain the same standards and features as the sedan and a 4 door convertible will be an interesting thing to watch on. The design in the picture looks promising, but until we see the real car, Keep speculating.

You never know until you try.

How about concentrating just on the 918 spider and possibly a coupe version, and kill the Panamera project altogether?

The older convertibles had frames which is why the Wrangler works. Most modern convertibles and more importantly the Panamera’s platform are uni-body and no amount of sub frame connectors and cross braces will make up for that.

And there it is. Shame it doesn’t have the timeless good looks of other ar less 4 door convertible through the ages, like the 62 Lincoln Conti.

I think most people thought that the picture was more of a fake than the idea of a convertible Panamera. By the way, applying for and getting a patent does not equal producing an actual product. So I don’t know that the headline for this article is necessarily accurate either.

That will be cool. Well, compared with the new Panamera which looks so much like a station wagon for me, this is definitely a better choice. A good 300 hp is more than enough for this car in the city but the 500 hp choice can definitely make it a whole lot more fun.

well we just have to wait for further announcements from porsche.. but having the panamera in convertible is not that good.

Wait wait wait... a four-door convertible? That should be interesting.

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