Porsche Panamera S Hybrid headed to NASCAR

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The recently launched Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is headed to the big time as Porsche has just announced that Jimmy Johnson’s number 48, Chad Knauss will have the pleasure of lapping the sports sedan during the Sprint Cup.

According to the email we received, Johnson said he needed an edge to beat out Kyle Busch and his Toyota Camry and he thought the Panamera S Hybrid would be the way to go. The Panamera would be further prepared to tackle the circuits with the use of the Sports Intelligence Performance Hybrid running gear borrowed from the GT3 RS and 918 Race Lab and a V8/KERS system developed with Williams Grand Prix Engineering.

Johnson commented on this decision by saying that "having Porsche on the grid will get people excited about something, ANYthing, that he does and will hopefully erase some of his reputation of being boring. ’Maybe.’"

If you haven’t guessed by now, this is 100% an April Fool’s joke. Did they get ya?


Hell! I didn’t know that NASACAR is allowing a hybrid car to enter in this event? I was puzzled about the figure performance of the car. I didn’t know that its possible to boost the speed of hybrid.

I really don’t like the figure performance of the standard Panamera. I wonder on how will this hybrid car perform in the race track? I agree that this must be a sort of a April Fool’s joke!

haha. what is this a sort of day dreaming? Though, I can imagine how this car will perform if its going to compete against the other engine option car.

Is this the car that was used in one of Paul Walker movies?(i forgot the name) However, I don’t think that this car could compete against the diesel powered car.

I think there should be a contest for the most funniest prank for April Fool, I bet this one would be the winner!haha. Now, I’m imagining that a hybrid car was actually race against diesel cars..Who do you think will win the race?

haha. That was funny! And i think it would be funnier if Porsche Panamera electric car headed to NASCAR!WOW! that’s incredibly awesome!

I doubt that more hybrid cars 2would be fielded in NASCAR, even if the Panamera does get a good standing. Teams would want to be sure first that the system would actually work the way they want it.

Yeah absolutely, this is just an April Fool’s joke. This is lame Camry vs. Panamera, only crazy will think that this race is fair!

Hope this one actually does well in the race. If it does, it will certainly be a big step not only for the introduction of more hybrids into the racing circuit, but also for the further development of them.

Well, it is not really surprising that Porsche is taking the Panamera S hybrid to NASCAR. This one is actually becoming quite a trend really, where carmakers take their hybrids to the tracks to see how they perform in actual races.

Oh no! I don’t know if Im going to believe on this one or not. How can a hybrid car would race against a diesel powered car? And what’s with Sports Intelligence Performance Hybrid?

It actually isn’t all that surprising that they will be heading to NASCAR. The Panamera is definitely one of Porsche’s best cars so it surely deserves a shot.

Well now, this one is definitely a surprise. I know that Porsche is into racing, but I am surprised that they would be running the Panamera S for this one.

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